chair-manThe land of Saharsa has produced the great scholar Pt. Mandan Mishra who is known as an authority on Meemaansaa philosophy. In those days if somebody had to find the address of Pt. Mandan Mishra he was told  “You will find a home at whose gates there are a number of caged parrots discussing abstract topics like – “Do the Veda’s have self-validity or do they depend on some external authority for their validity? Are Karma’s capable of yielding their fruits directly, or do they require the intervention of God to do so? Is the world eternal, or is it a mere appearance?” Where you find the caged parrots discussing such abstruse philosophical problems, you will know that you have reached Mandan’s place.” This is peak of intellectuality of this land.

The thought of establishing J P S P School is to implant knowledge embedded with values, in such a manner so that students may harness their potential to the maximum and reach to the pinnacle in every field of life. Our goal is to develop the inner strength in every student which would help them to withstand any verse condition in this competitive world.