The School


Jay Pratap Singh Public School is established by Suraj Abhiraj public Charitable trust, under visionary leadership of Sri Chandradeo Singh. First session of this school starts from year 2011.


This statement encapsulated the key element of our aim “Endeavour for Enlightenment and Enrichment”. Our aim is not only to impart quality education to our students but also to bring about their holistic development. Moreover to develop among the students a feeling of pride in Indian culture, moral values and produce citizens who will be truly Indians and will rise above social, communal, religious and provincial prejudices.

School Philosophy

We believe in the dignity and worth of each student of and recognize the importance of his/her responsibilities to his/her fellowmen in the world communities.

We believe that all youth should have equal opportunities for education, consistence with their individual capabilities and with their personal and social needs.

We believe that change is a consistent factor in life. Therefore education should encourage in the students the development of personal values and thinking process which will facilitate their intelligent adaptability to the changing society.

Education should foster independent thinking, expectation and experimentation as lifelong process. It is our best endeavor to develop in each student the following:

  • A mastery of skills of communication and learning.
  • The ability to think clearly, logically and independently.
  • Understanding and appreciation of cultural, scientific, economic and political ideas and practices.
  • Good health and physical fitness enabling the students to live an energetic, wholesome and productive life.
  • Appreciation of ethical and cultural values.